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School PUPIL TRACKER Limited

"I wrote School PUPIL TRACKER Online to lower my workload and to help lower the workload of the teachers I worked with. I am so happy and proud to be able to bring these time saving tools to schools across the country."
Neil Livesey, SPTO Writer

Our servers are completely carbon neutral

Our offices in Hereford

Safeguarding your data is our prime concern
School PUPIL TRACKER Online was created by a serving head teacher, Neil Livesey, and after an Ofsted inspector urged him to share his work with other schools, School PUPIL TRACKER Limited was set up to support schools using our assessment package. We are a company that prides ourself on getting to know the schools who join our School PUPIL TRACKER family. Our aim from the start has been to deliver high quality software that really works with a particular focus on customer service excellence. This sets School PUPIL TRACKER Limited apart from its rivals and enables the company to dramatically grow year on year - since our software was launched online in September 2009 we have rapidly grown to work with over 2,000 schools - mostly through recommendation from serving head teachers.
School PUPIL TRACKER Online - our Philosophy

School PUPIL TRACKER Online is a piece of software fifteen years in the making - designed and developed in a range of schools by a Head teacher in Devon whilst he was 'on the job', seeing what worked and what was needed to help teachers and leaders.
  • School PUPIL TRACKER Online has been created to support schools in their role of helping children learn. By knowing your children better, we know you will be able to impact more succinctly on their learning.
  • We know School PUPIL TRACKER Online will lower the workload at your school by giving you the tools and answers you need whilst helping you to connect and communicate information across school easily.

How do we know it works? We've had fifteen years' of feedback to make sure we get it right. With over 95% of schools who purchase School PUPIL TRACKER doing so on the recommendation of other schools (or Local Authorities or Ofsted Inspectors) who have already joined our growing family of schools, we also know it comes well regarded.

High standards of customer service

We do everything we can to keep our products simple and easy to use, whilst we work extremely hard to ensure our service and support reaches our own (and your) high expectations. Feedback from our wide family of schools is taken every day - and we use this to improve, strengthen and develop School PUPIL TRACKER Online further to make it easier to use and more focused on the tools you require.
The Environment - it's our legacy too

Its our environment and legacy too, so we ensure we are a 'green company' wherever we can be - we know we're not perfect, but the more we try and do the better we become.

For example, School PUPIL TRACKER Online is hosted on computers and servers that are completely Carbon Neutral - our hosting company, UKFAST has achieved PAS 2060 certification and is using renewable energy sources to power our servers. Click on the logo to the left if you require further information. We also use recycled materials when we can, ensure we use energy efficient services, switch off computers when they are not required and only print when necessary.
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