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Supports everyone in your school family

School PUPIL TRACKER Online was designed in schools over a fifteen year period - so it fits the job perfectly!

Role in School Some ways that School PUPIL TRACKER supports you...
Headteacher, Leader,
Assessment Coordinator,
Subject Coordinato
Explore your data effortlessly - you will soon find the huge amount of time you spent working out your data is now spent working out how to support the children School PUPIL TRACKER Online itentifies. "It definitely has saved hours with a calculator! Last night spent 2 hours with a colleague looking at a group setter for APS scores and it was great as we could find the data and then spend the majority of the time discussing what it showed and what we needed to do about it. So much better than spending hours working out the data and then not having the time to do the follow up actions which is key to showing impact!" The Mead, Wiltshire
Connects all your assessment information in one accessible place. No need to chase around for data - have it all to hand wherever and whenever you log in to the secure system.
No need to search through records for progress or attainment of groups of children - groups (such as SEN, Attendance, In-care, Ethnicity, FSM) are found automatically for you; or create your own groups of children (such as vulnerable groups) to track their progress.
See how Value Added [VA], Fischer Family Trust [FFT] and Average Point Scores [APS] are calculated for you for any group you require across the whole school.
See real-time data in a variety of progress, attainment, value added, grouping tools and other easily tailorable graphs - save them on your Desktop to add to presentations to Governors too.
Find your school's slow movers or borderline KS2 level 4 children with a single click.
Find which children might not make 2 levels KS2 progress, who will (and will not) make English and Maths L4 or 2 levels KS2 progress. See who needs support quickly!
Design your school's Annual Report and keep track of which teachers have started or finished their reports.
Class Teacher
Keep your records for APP and EYFS updated with easy to use electronic records accessible at school or at home. Our real time saving means our grids save as you work on them!
Get help creating class, group or individual targets with over 1,800 child-speak targets ready to use - linked to National Curriculum Levels or APP writing, reading, speaking and listening, mathematics and science.
Get support grouping your children to differentiate their work, or see who needs most support in your class with colour judgements or automatic progress markers.
Let School PUPIL TRACKER write your Annual Report - creating auto-comments for writing, reading, maths and science and filling in your progress and attainment grades too!
Job share? Log in to your class data anywhere and share information effortlessly with everyone that works with a child. Work on class data together over the phone or parts of the Annual Report you are tasked with - synchronisation is automatic.
Let School PUPIL TRACKER join your records together into an automatic colourful report for every child in your class - or see School PUPIL TRACKER create an automatic IEP connecting targets you have set and interventions you have recorded.
Sit with parents or carers at parental meetings and discuss real time data and targets using our innovate Parents Evening List - there is even a timer to keep you on track with every appointment.
No need to pass your data to your headteacher or assessment coordinator - School PUPIL TRACKER does that for you.
Teaching Assistant
Support children by keeping records for APP, EYFS quickly up-to-date, adding comments or uploading photographs to support judgements and create a rich evidence base for every child.
Let School PUPIL TRACKER create a colourful Record of Achievement in EYFS to demonstrate a child's learning journey - simply click to print!
Access a child's records easily - download historic or current support plans and IEPs or make ongoing comments on intervention progress or progress through IEP targets.
Intervention Coordnator
See a full SEN Register wherever you log in - a complete and exact mirror of your school's information management system (such as SIMS or INTEGRIS). Enter information once in your school's information management system and School PUPIL TRACKER will be updated to match.
Set up an easy-to-use Provision Map or Intervention Tracker to show pupil needs and the interventions you have put in place - excellent to demonstrate to Ofsted how you identify need and do something about it!
See automatic graphs of which interventions are working best and having an impact - answering questions such as: are our interventions value for money? Should we repeat them next year in the same way?
Track IEPs across the school - see historic and current support plans.
Find out which groups across school are making the most or least progress and then see who you need to work with to put catch up systems in place.
Get emails of concern from other staff or build a to-do list in your own SENCO Menu.
Search to find un-reviewed IEPs or incomplete IEPs.
Explore your school's data, proving to Ofsted that you have examined anonymous assessment information yourselves.
Answer questions such as are boys out performing girls by exploring anonymous data yourself.
See whole school trends over time or across year groups or groups of children.
Parent and Child
Log in securely to an always available up-to-date Online Report which includes targets, current assessments, attendance information, teacher comments on behaviour and effort.
Share and celebrate targets met through the year with your child, working together with school on common goals.
Download this year's reports or look through historic reports about your child.
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