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Common questions answered [FAQ]

Please call us on 0843 289 2249 if your question is not answered below.
How much does School PUPIL TRACKER Online cost?

You can find out how much School PUPIL TRACKER will cost for your school by
visiting the Price and Order page and completing a simple form. School PUPIL TRACKER Online is an annual subscription service.

How do we order School PUPIL TRACKER Online?

You can see the ordering process by visiting the Price and Order page.

We have a lot of historic data. Can we transfer our historic data into the software?

Yes. You can do this for free using an import tool in the software (End of Year assessments for writing, reading, mathematics and science).

What computer software do we need to access and use School PUPIL TRACKER Online?

You should not need to install any new software on most computers, as School PUPIL TRACKER runs as a website and most computers have all the software to view websites already installed. We recommend the use of Google Chrome, but you can use Internet Explore, Edge, Firefox, Safari, or even an i-pad or Android device to access School PUPIL TRACKER. Please note that those computers not using Google Chrome may see pages a little differently. You can check the compatability of your computer using our free checking page.
Simply visit the CHECK page.

How do we access support once we have purchased?

Help Centre Support Request facility We offer a support request facility for your other users (such as the teachers and leaders within your school). All your teacher users can use this service to ask questions and get tailored guidance and support. Our team of highly experienced and knowledgeable team of Support Engineers will get back to you quickly and with clear details and instructions.
The Help Centre Built into the software is integrated help - there are hundreds of Help Cards and step-by-step guides to support you throughout the software. All these guides come together in the Help Centre, which is like the online manual to getting the best out of School PUPIL TRACKER Online.

How long after our order can we access our account?

We will send you your access codes (either by post or via email if we have your permission) within 7 working days of you placing an order with us.

Do we have to install any updates?

No - we install all the updates for your school. You simply log in and enjoy an up-to-date service every time.

Will this work on our network as we have an admin network and a curriculum network?

Yes - School PUPIL TRACKER Online is a web-based programme - so it will function on any computer that can access a secure internet service.

Where is the data hosted?

Our system and data is hosted by UKFAST in the secure centre in Manchester, England.

Calls to School PUPIL TRACKER 0843 and 0844 numbers will cost 7p per minute, your telephone provider (including mobile providers) may add an additional access charge. 

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