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Why are we leading the way in Assessment without Levels?
Keep ahead of the curve and join over 2,000 primary schools who trust the next generation solution for curriculum and assessment. With fifteen years of development in schools and now redesigned to embrace a life without levels and the new National Curriculum, School PUPIL TRACKER provides the long term, accurate, future-ready solution that connects everyone across your school.

School PUPIL TRACKER is fully Assessment without Levels compliant
The Commission for Assessment Without Levels says schools, leaders and teachers need to know how children are learning against the expectations of a new, rigorous curriculum. School PUPIL TRACKER uses Age-related benchmarking to explore pupil learning so you can see who is on track for End of Key Stage 1 and End of Key Stage 2 Standards and who is falling behind and needs extra support.
Formative assessment: Tools and resources to support formative, small-step assessment in the classroom
The Commission for Assessment Without Levels says Formative Assessment is the key to good assessment. With our Planning Tool helping teachers to see gaps in pupil learning, and formative assessment tools such as our Objective Analysis Tool, and resourses such as Learning Walls and Target Walls, we have an abundance of formative assessment support for our schools.
EDS Flexible tracking: use steps and codes of your choice
You choose whether you want to benchmark pupil achievement using codes such as Emerging, Developing and Secure - SPTO can fit around the steps you might need.
Not linear progression ... see 3D progress
The Commission for Assessment Without Levels says progress isn't just about racing through the curriculum, it's got to include factors such as Depth of Learning too. Our system calculates progress for you based on age-related expectations over time, prior expectations and the depth of a child's learning to show you simply and easily who is making the right amount of progress through the new depth-orientated National Curriculum.
Depth of Learning [Mastery]: Differentiate and track the Depth of Learning of your children
The Commission for Assessment Without Levels says schools should be stretching their most able children by differentiating through Depth of Learning activities. School PUPIL TRACKER supports this process allowing you to record, target and stretch your most able pupils using Depth of Learning Ratings to ensure children maintain and improve on their application and independence skills over time.
Use NAHT KPIs, DFE National Standards or design your own Key Objective curriculum
Our National Curriculum Record lets you focus your assessment and recording on the KPIs or your own choice of Key Objectives to lower workload and focus outcomes.
Build a Learning Journey of qualitative evidence to support your judgements and demonstrate pupil progression
The Commission for Assessment Without Levels says in-class and whole-child assessment is key to pupil learning. Our Learning Journey and Web App lets your teachers build up a tapestry of qualitative evidence quickly and easily whilst sat with the children in the classroom.
Browser-based, secure and online in the UK with no installation and hassle-free automatic updates and backups
No installation required - just log in and get going. We deal with all the updates to keep School PUPIL TRACKER relevant to your needs and the requirements from the DFE. Your assessment information is held securely on servers in the UK with encrypted data transfer.
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